Tips for online dating

Tips for online dating

Online dating offers loads of opportunities to connect with other singles. There are countless success stories, but at the same time things do not go so smoothly for everyone. In this article we cover five of the most common problems that online daters come across, and we give tips that can help anyone to overcome them.

Approaching the wrong people

A first obstacle that many beginners hit - often without even realizing it - is that they don't know who they should and shouldn't approach. If you send messages to the wrong people, there is little chance that your attempts will result in any long lasting contacts, which can ultimately be a very frustrating thing.

When we say 'the wrong people', we first of all mean the people who do not match the profile you are really looking for. Someone a lot older or younger than you, a person with children even though you aren't quite ready for them yet, a party animal while you prefer movie nights at home and hiking, and so on. It may seem obvious that you consider these things while selecting people to approach, but in reality many daters tend to forget about their important demands once they are strolling through profiles, especially if they haven't had any successful dates yet.
Although an open mind is certainly a good thing, you do have to watch out that you don't start looking too far outside of your own limits when it comes to the important issues. Because there's a big chance that they will lead to irritation or even bigger problems down the road. It's not necessary to go looking for troubles like these, because it's possible to filter out anyone who doesn't fit the bill for you right at the beginning of your search.

Who does and doesn't match with you is a personal matter, but there is a certain kind of dater that everyone would do well to avoid. We are talking about the kind of people who tend to have extremely specific requirements for candidate partners. At most sites you have the option to describe in great detail what it is that you are looking for exactly, and some daters take full advantage of this.
If you see an extreme list of demands when you open someones profile page, the best thing to do is turn around and leave. Even if you meet these requirements up until a certain level. Because with these people, nobody seems to be good enough, and as a result they often spend a long time on a dating site, without ever getting anywhere with someone. It's a waste of time to spend your time on this category of people, if you ask us.

Not able to connect with others

Online dating is not just a matter of approaching the right people. The next important step is to connect with them. And that's another thing that doesn't come natural to many daters.

An important first piece of advice here is to send an original first message. Avoid a high volume of standard mails, but instead really try to make every approach count. In your first message through chat or mail, refer to something in the others profile, and show that your interest is sincere.
Additionally, it's important that you fill out your own profile properly, with recent pictures and interesting descriptions. Because if your first message sparks an interest with someone, they will nearly always come to your profile to have a look first, before they decide if they will write back or not. And if they see an empty page, they might reconsider their interest in you.

In this article we explain in more detail how you can connect with others at dating sites, as well as what you can do after you get a message back.

Not able to set up dates

Once a connection has been made, your ultimate goal is to set up a real date with the other. If this is something you are struggling with, ask yourself if you are perhaps hesitating too much.
When you've send some nice mails back and forth with someone, or after a couple of positive chat sessions, the smart move is to immediately propose a real meeting. This is the fastest way to find out if the other is really interested in you. And by doing this, you prevent a loss of interest on the other side because he or she thinks that you only exist online.

Of course asking someone out brings with it the risk to get a negative answer, but that's a lot better than never asking at all. If asking someone out is a big step for you, just remember that you don't have to make a big deal out of it. If you simply suggest having a drink sometime, you won't even have to use the word 'date'.

For much more information about how to set up real dates online, and about how to make that first date a success, we gladly refer you to this extensive tutorial.

Not willing or able to spend money on online dating

Budget is another very common online dating issue. Perhaps you're short on cash, or you might be wondering whether or not it's even worth it to spend money on online dating.

Luckily, it doesn't have to cost a whole lot. Thanks to online dating discounts, you can make full use of online dating websites without spending too much money. In this article you will find an overview of online dating discounts. Besides this, we try to help you decide if spending money on online dating is a smart investment for you or not.

Not knowing which dating site is best

And finally, many online daters have trouble choosing the right dating website. Not very surprising, as there is quite a lot to choose from.

Which site is best for you, depends on what exactly you are looking for. Most daters are best served with an all-round dating website such as This site has millions of singles in its database, and pretty much everyone will be able to find good matches within their area here.

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If you are more interested in a dating site for erotic encounters, Adult Friend Finder is your place to go. Dozens of millions of members have gathered here to look for an exciting bedroom date or online contact.

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And there are many other subcategories to consider, such as matchmaking and elite dating. Those links will take you to separate articles with more information about these particular types of online dating, in which recommendations to suitable websites are included as well.

With the help of this kind of information, and by opening accounts to try out sites with, you can really discover which dating websites suite you the most.

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