Online dating discount offers

Online dating discounts

It has happened to almost every online dater: You open an account at a dating website with high expectations, only to discover that the options for free memberships are limited. Annoying, of course, but things are not as bad as they may seem. Because many dating websites offer serious dating discounts.

Paid membership: yes or no?

Before you start looking at discounts, it might be good to ask yourself if you are even willing to pay for a membership at an online dating website. Whether or not that's the case, depends on how much priority finding dates has for you.

A full or paid membership is pretty much necessary at most sites if you want to be able to connect with other members, and even more if you want to maintain those contacts. If you are limited in the amount of messages you can send, as is often the case with free accounts, getting a date through a website is a lot harder.
This doesn't mean you have to take out your credit card for every dating site you come across. A free account usually gives you a very good idea of what a site has to offer, which enables you to discover if this is the right place for you or not. But it you want to take your online dating at a specific website to the next level, there usually is no other option than to take the paid membership.

But is it smart to make that investment? The tricky thing is that it's nearly impossible to put a price on finding love or a nice contact. You could meet the love of your life in the supermarket today, but it could also take a hundred more visits before that happens, if it will happen at all. And how many nights out in the town will it take before you pick up another phone number? There isn't a clear answer to any of those questions.

Everyone knows love can't be bought, but if you have a full membership at an online dating site, you'll at least have the chance to set up dates. Especially if you take online dating seriously, for instance with the help of the tips and advice at our website.
For a small fee, you can often become a full member at a dating site for several months, and in that period it's definitely possible to meet a lot of interesting singles. And that's a guarantee you won't get in your everyday life.

So if you ask us, paid memberships at good online dating websites are definitely worth the investment, if you follow it up with putting time and energy in actually finding the dates. And it's an even better investment if you take advantage of an online dating discount offer.

How do online dating discounts work?

There are basically two types of online dating discounts. The first and most common way to get a discount, is by taking a membership for a longer period of time.
If you get a one month membership, you will pay the highest rate. But at most online dating sites, the price per month goes down if you commit to being a paid member for three, six or even twelve months.

A good example of such a discount can be found at
A one month membership will cost you €24.99 here, but if you commit to becoming a member for three months, you'll only have to pay €50.97 - or €16.99 per month. That's a decent decrease in the price per month, and you can get an even bigger discount than this when you become a member for six months, which will cost you only €11.99 per month.

You'll see discounts like these at many other dating sites as well, so there is a lot of money to be saved. Do ask yourself if a membership for a longer period of time is suitable for you. If you are looking for a steady partner, chances are that you'll need several dates before you really hit if off with someone. This means that a month is probably quite short anyway, so you might as well go for a membership for at least a few months, and take advantage of the discount while you're at it.
The first time you become a paid member at a site, it might still be smart to go for a shorter membership, in order to see if this site really is the right one for you. If you're satisfied, you can simply go for a longer membership when the first one ends.

A second type of online dating discount comes in the form of a (temporary) promotion. One common promotion is a free membership for several days or weeks. Obviously, this is the perfect way to experience a website without cost or obligation to pay.
The best way to take advantage of promotions such as these, is to register at several dating websites using an e-mail address that you check regularly. Another way is following dating websites through social media. Both these channels are used by dating websites to share their latest promotions and offers, enabling you to take advantage whenever something interesting comes up.

The best online dating discounts

So where can you find the best online dating discounts?

A free full membership can pass by at any given moment, and as we've said, this is simply a matter of keeping track of the newsletters and promotions of several websites. But for the standard discounts offered by sites, we can make some specific recommendations.
In the table below, you'll find three popular dating websites that offer big discounts when you open an account for a longer period of time. With every site, we've given the lowest possible price per month.

Dating site1 month3 months6 months1 yearLowest price per monthFree registration€24,95€49,95€74,95€99,95€8,21
(1 year)
Click here »€24,99€50,9771,94N/A€11,99
(6 months)
Click here »
Adult Friend Finder€49,95€99,80
(+ 1 month free)
(3 months + 1 free)
Click here »

Full details for all membership deals can always be found on the websites of these dating sites. The best thing to do, is opening a free account at the site you're interested in, because this way you can see all the options for paid memberships.

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