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Tired of spending night after night in bars, trying to find someone to come home with you? Sex dating doesn't have to be hard work, because finding a one night stand online instead of 'out in the field', is becoming increasingly more popular.

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For many people, the one night stand is the perfect ending to a night out. There is no commitment the following morning, and next weekend you can do it all over again.
But it can also be a hassle. Your lover for the night might expect more than a breakfast in the morning, and for most people, it's not that easy to find a one night stand to begin with, let alone every single week.

With online sex dating, there are no issues like this. What many people like about it, is the transparency. You don't have to hide the fact that you are simply looking for a casual encounter. It's actually necessary to share your specific wishes, because it will help you to get a match quicker.
You simply find your one night stand online, have a great time, and go your separate ways without any obligations.

How to set up an online one night stand

To set up a one night stand online, you'll first have to open an account with an online dating site. The most logical way to go, is to join a website that focuses specifically on sex dating. The simple reason being, that you'll have the most chance of hooking up online, when you can connect with people who are also primarily interested in casual dating.

Adult Friend Finder app
Adult Friend Finder mobile app

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) has the world's largest database of people looking for a one night stand online. This website has been online since 1996, and since then over 40 million people have signed up. Whatever your sexual preferences are, you can always find someone there who matches your desires.

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At this website, the fun already starts online. You can watch countless of amateur photos and videos, which are posted by the members themselves. This is a great way to check someone out, before you decide to hook up with them.
To get in contact with another member, simply send them a message, or start up a webcam chat.

AFF is for people of all sexual orientations. You can filter members with matching preferences through the extensive search options. This way, you're almost guaranteed to find a suitable sex date.

Of course, it doesn't have to end with just a one night stand. At Adult Friend Finder, you have the option to look for people who live near you. If you have a great time with someone in your area, they could easily become a regular date.
AFF also has a mobile app available, so it's very easy to find a hookup any time, wherever you are.

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