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In this article we will show you which online dating sites have developed a mobile dating app. An app like this can be an important reason to choose a dating website.

A dating website that can be accessed by mobile devices is not really that special. Most of them have made sure that their website also looks decent on a mobile phone or tablet.
But a separate dating app is still a little bit better. They are specifically designed for the screen size and controls of mobile devices, and because of that, they are much easier to use.

They are also safer. When regular or even mobile websites are displayed on a smaller screen, the buttons and links will often be crammed too close together. When this happens, a mistake is easily made, and no one wants to send a message to the wrong contact in their list, or make another mistake with embarrassing consequences.
If you use a dating app, it's unlikely that accidents like these will happen.

Apart from being an easy-to-manage version of all the regular services a dating website offers, an app also brings you some unique advantages. Suppose you are going on a date with someone you met online. Often people will exchange phone numbers in this scenario, so that they can ask the other for directions, or pass on other important last-minute messages.
But if both of you are using the app, it's just as easy to use that for these types of messages. This way, you can continue to communicate with each other in the way you're familiar with, and you won't have to give your phone number out to someone you haven't met yet.

A mobile dating app has another important advantage. Online dating is largely about making contacts, but even more important is maintaining those contacts. This is a lot easier if an app allows you to chat with your new catch on your coffee break, or on the bus ride home.
The way we see it, it's a good sign if a dating site has made the effort of developing an app. Because this shows that the users on this website are actively involved in maintaining their contacts. In other words: if a dating website has an app, there are probably a lot of active members, and that means more opportunities to find the one you're looking for!

So let's get down to business, and answer the big question: which dating websites have a dating app?

Friend Finder mobile dating app

Friend Finder app
Friend Finder app
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With the app, you have easy access to over 3.5 million singles. The free app is available for iPhone and Android, but there is also a mobile version of their website, so literally every member with a smartphone or tablet will be able to use it.
The Friend Finder app primarily allows you to read and send messages. You'll receive notifications when someone has sent you something, and you can reply instantly. Very useful, because you never know if you're going to miss out on a date because you kept the other waiting too long.

You can also use the app to do geographically targeted searches. Wherever you are, just fire up the app, and you'll immediately be able to find members in your area.

Finally, you can use it upload photos directly from your phone. Ideal for keeping your profile up to date with your latest look.
The app is available for download at the Friend Finder website.

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Adult Friend Finder mobile dating app

Adult Friend Finder app
Adult Friend Finder app

The largest website for casual and erotic dating, Adult Friend Finder (AFF), also has a mobile dating app. Through this app, you have constant access to over 40 million members, who are all looking for an exciting date.

Dating on AFF is slightly different from most other sites, and the app supports the unique features this website offers. Besides photos, many members also post videos of themselves on their profile page, and the app allows you to play them back smoothly.

You can also access the busy chat rooms easily, and through this app you can even stream the famous Adult Friend Finder webcams live on your smartphone or tablet.
You can download this app from the AFF website.

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Different mobile dating apps

With these two apps you'll have perfect mobile access to two of the largest dating sites in the world. Friend Finder is the ideal meeting place for regular dating, while Adult Friend Finder is the number one spot in the world to arrange an erotic encounter.

Not a bad catch so far, but we hope that other dating websites will follow these fine examples. We'll keep an eye out for you, and add more apps when we come across some good ones.

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