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Matchmaking is a particular type of online dating. The major difference with most other dating sites, is that rather than going out to search for dates on your own, possible matches are introduced to you.

Personality test

To generate matches for you, you are typically asked to fill out an extensive personality test when you sign up at a matchmaking website. The answers to the many diverse questions are used to create a personality profile. This can really give you some interesting insights in yourself and your expectations, when it comes to relationships. But more importantly, your personality profile is used to select suitable partners for you.

By using a scientific algorithm, members who could be right for you are found and introduced to you regularly. Of course it's also possible that you are going to be suggested to other members within your range of interest, but you don't get to decide which specific people you are going to be recommended to.

Some websites focus exclusively on matchmaking, but there are also ones where regular dating and matchmaking are combined.

The pros and cons of matchmaking

The pros and cons of matchmaking are easy to point out. Theoretically, you have a bigger chance of finding a partner who actually suits you, but at the same time, you don't have the freedom to browse through the member database yourself. Still, most people who try it, consider matchmaking to be a welcome alternative to regular dating. You might not meet a very large number of people, but those contacts you have are more likely to lead to a fun date or a relationship.

But even though these websites choose quality over quantity, matchmaking does not guarantee success. You should see it as an alternative way of getting to know people. The personalized recommendations are the only real difference with regular dating. Because once the introductions are done, it's all basically the same thing as usual.

Who is it for?

Matchmaking is particularly useful when you want to get involved with online dating, but are limited in your time. If you have a demanding career, or simply don't want to spend hours browsing through profiles, it's very convenient if you already have some candidates waiting for you when you do find the time to log in. Of course, you'll still have to go online more than just once in a while, if you want to have any chance of really getting to know those contacts.

But matchmaking isn't just for people with full agendas. Many daters, especially those who've already tried some regular websites, find the method of meeting people at a matchmaking site a nice change of pace. If you haven't had any luck at a regular dating website, chances are that a matchmaking site might just do the trick for you.
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With more than ten million members, is one of largest matchmaking sites in the world. The matchmaking here is only a part of the many features they have, as you also have the freedom to look for a date yourself. encourages its members to create an extensive profile page. This means you will have to answer quite a few questions when you sign up. It's worth your time though, because detailed profiles give members visiting your page a lot more to go on, and give you a good opportunity to present yourself. The uploaded pictures can have a size of up to 5 MB, which means you will see higher quality photos than at many other dating sites.

The information from your profile is used for the auto-matching feature, which enables the site to suggest interesting candidates to you. Because the profiles contain so much information, your matches can really be pretty valuable, and we recommend you at least consider them.

But as said, is not exclusively a matchmaking site. You are free to browse through profiles. A useful tool for this is the option to save your search preferences. Another nice way to meet people is through public chat rooms, where a variety of topics are discussed.
Of course there is also an internal mail system, and private messaging is available for one-on-one contact with other members. If you want to be more original, you can surprise someone with a recorded video or audio greeting.

Two final unique features have to be mentioned. First there's's own e-zine, which is filled with dating tips and experiences by professionals and members. And second is the downloadable browser toolbar, which allows you to respond to your messages instantly, even when you don't actually have the website open.

In short, offers a huge member database, a valuable matchmaking system, and some unique features to top it all off.

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