Elite dating

Elite dating

Unlike the name suggests, elite dating isn't just about finding someone with a degree, successful career, and a big house. Of course, most people in this niche look for ambitious and successful partners with a respectable career, or at least good prospects due to a higher education, but the focus will always remain on the person that comes with it.

Why elite dating?

Why does someone make the deliberate choice to go for elite dating? It's done by people who have gone to college or university themselves, but why are they specifically looking for someone who has done so as well?

Elite daters are often looking for a person with certain qualities, such as intelligence, a sense of responsibility, and persistence. People with a degree certainly don't own exclusivity to these traits, but on the other hand, they do often meet such requirements.

A second reason to choose elite dating, is the bigger chance of finding someone whom you have a lot in common with. Two people who've both gone to university, are more likely to have similar views on life. There is a bigger chance that they will match in terms of interests and ambitions as well. And in relationships, it's rather useful to be on the same page as far as those things are concerned.

Finally, a degree opens the door to a career and a higher income. And with those two, it's possible to achieve all kinds of life goals, such as buying a house, and establishing and providing for a family. So there can certainly also be materialistic and practical reasons to choose elite dating.

Elite dating: who is it for?

First and foremost, elite dating is for people who have acquired a degree, or who are still in the process of doing so. You won't have to upload a copy to be allowed to participate or anything, but if you don't fall into this category, you'll be much better off at other dating websites.

If you look at the what kind of people elite daters are, you could state that they are usually people who like to plan ahead. With that we mean that they are looking beyond the first date. They don't just want to have a nice night, but are consciously (or subconsciously) looking for someone who fits a certain profile, to meet their long term goals.

And that brings us to an important warning we want to give you ...

The 'danger' of elite dating

The great 'danger' of elite dating, is that some people forget what it's really all about: the love!

Some daters only focus on the qualities that potential partners must have, and whether or not this person fits in their life plan. But a relationship is much more than the sum of all such parts. It's about finding that special connection with someone. If you focus too much on your own materialistic demands, the romance could get lost.
Make sure this doesn't happen to you when you get started with elite dating. When you get to known someone, don't just focus on the career he or she has, but also really get to know them on a personal level.

Because ultimately, that matters a whole lot more than some piece of paper.

The best website for elite dating

Platinum Meeting
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If you are looking for an elite dating website with a large amount of members, we recommend you to register at Platinum Meeting. With more than half a million ambitious singles in their database, there is plenty to choose from here.

Platinum Meeting operates in 14 countries, among which are the US and the UK. This means that you can look for a partner within your own country, but if you want, it's also possible to search internationally. Inside any country, you can also search within specific regions.
A sympathetic bonus at this dating site, is that 10% of all income from Platinum membership fees are donated to charities. Women won't be able to contribute to this, as Platinum Memberships are free for them. But of course, that's hardly a bad thing.

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