The best dating websites

You've decided to give online dating a shot, but now the question remains: what are the best dating websites? In this article we'll introduce three of the best ones, and we'll show you how you can open a free account with them.

All-round dating websites

If you have little to no experience with online dating, the best place to start is an all-round dating website. And with that we mean websites that don't focus on a particular group of people or type of dating. All-round dating websites typically draw a very large and diverse crowd.
People come to this type of dating website for many different reasons. Some will just be looking for a friendship or a nice conversation, but the majority is interested in finding a nice date, and often even a serious relationship.

The big plus of sites in this segment, is that there are always plenty of possibilities for finding a new date, the simple reason being that all-round dating websites have the largest member databases. If you know how to present yourself, you'll connect with lots of people in a short period of time.

An unavoidable side effect, is that you're more likely to be approached by people who are not exactly your type. On the other hand, this could always lead to you going on a surprisingly nice date that you would never have expected otherwise ...
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The name suggests that it's a website dedicated to just finding friends, but even though that's also possible, the majority of its 3.5 million members are looking for a date. That's a huge amount, and that alone is reason to call this one of the best all-round dating websites. But there's more.

Friend Finder is really a dating website within an online community. There are plenty of original ways to be active. Upload videos or audio messages to your profile page, discuss hot topics in the busy public chat rooms, read and write blogs, or visit the message boards.
There's always something to do, and every activity will increase your chances of meeting someone special.

Of course, the traditional methods of online dating such as instant messaging and extensive search options are present too. There's also a matching system called 'Cupid', which uses profile information and preferences to recommend members to each other.

Unlike many other dating sites, Friend Finder also allows members to exchange contact information for messaging programs outside of the site, like Skype, which is an attitude we can only applaud.

Online dating at Friend Finder is a fun and unforced experience. If you are looking for something more social than just searching profiles and writing introduction letters, definitely give Friend Finder a try.

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(Click to enlarge) is an international dating community with millions of members. It's part of the Dating Factory, one of the largest dating networks in the world, which means many new singles are added to the database every day.
If you decide to become one of them, you'll find that you've become part of a website that has all that you would expect from a dating site, and then some.
In your profile, you can list your likes and dislikes, and give a description of your situation and what you are looking for. Besides photos, you can upload or even record videos to display on your profile.

The search feature is divided into a Quick Search for those who like to browse different profiles, and an Advanced Search for people who are looking for something more specific.

At, you have full control over who you get involved with. Add someone as a friend to show they are high on your radar, or block them if they are not really your type.
Contacting other members can be done in a variety of ways. Besides standard messaging, you can choose to send someone a unique, automatically generated message, which saves you time. Show your interest by sending a Wink, or be a little bit more romantic and go for the Card.

The easy to use chat function allows for more personal contact. You can text chat, have an audio conversation, or even turn on the webcam, which is a great way of getting to know someone more personally. A very useful feature is 'Chat Later', which allows you to save chat requests for another moment.

To sum it up, is a very complete dating community, where all the ingredients to find your perfect match are available.

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If you are looking for a dating website which is rich in unique features, and easy to get started with, you might want to take a look at
In Cupid's own words, they are a more natural dating site. They don't believe in matching people based on long surveys and personality tests, but instead encourage you to talk with many different people. Setting up a profile does not take very long, so you can start your search quickly after you join.

The search function has been kept simple on purpose, so you'll be exposed to more different types of members. But something extra is offered in the form of 'Reverse Search', which enables you to find people who show an interest in your profile.
Alternative ways of meeting other members are the forums and public chat rooms. And if you are willing to go offline in your search for that special someone, you can also attend one of the singles events that Cupid organizes regularly.

But online there are also plenty of ways to communicate. With Winks to show your interest, instant messaging and the option to chat using text, audio or video, all the features of a high-end modern dating website are there. Additionaly, they offer a downloadable desktop chat program, mobile app, and browser toolbar, all of which enable you to keep a close watch on your dating activities even when you are not logged in to the website. is a stylish dating platform, where dating is kept simple, but with many modern features to incorporate it naturally into your every-day life. Recommended for people who believe that love is about more than just having some things in common.

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Having success takes work

We believe that the majority of people who are interested in online dating, will feel right at home at one or more of these three dating sites. You can try them all for free, and we recommend you to take advantage of that opportunity, because that's the best way to experience what they really have to offer.

But in the end, whether or not you are going to be successful depends mostly on you. Success will come as long as you are able to put some energy into it. There is not a single site where you can find a date just by pressing a button.
If you neglect to fill out your profile, if your pictures aren't clear or if your messages to other members lack any form of inspiration, then you can wait a long time before that nice date comes along. If you do put in the effort, you'll notice that connecting with nice people is possible nearly everywhere.

Online dating is ultimately a simple matter of finding a personal connection with another person. If you simply express yourself as you are at the websites we've recommended, you'll have a very decent shot at success!

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